Route of the Moon

Título original: Ruta de la luna

Route of the Moon
DirectorJuan Sebastian Jacome
CountryPanamá, Ecuador
Duration75 min
FormatDCP, Color


Day Time Venue  
April 29 7:30PM Teatro Nacional  
April 30 8:30PM Outdoor  


Route of the MoonRoute of the Moon


Juan Sebastían Jacome (director), Yimy Suarez Hernández (actor)

Production Company
Jaguar Films
Irina Caballero
Juan Sebastian Jacome
Rocco Melillo
Photography Direction
Magela Crosignani
Víctor Mares
Xavier Müller
Yimmy David Suárez
Luis Antonio Gotti
Victoria Greco
Carlos Bromley
María Antonia Taylor
Ernesto Fields

Juan Sebastian Jacome

Ecuador, 1983. Studied Film Production at the Florida State University, and has directed several short and feature films. Ruta de la luna (2012) is his debut as a screenwriter and director.


Being different. This is not an easy task in any society, even less in Panama, where social behavior is confined within a frame, like in a perverse tropical Noh Theatre. And, when the difference is on your skin, and is so visible like the albinism, things get harder, even more when your own father is a fierce representative of the mainstream values.

This is Tito's case, an introverted bowling champion who suddenly, and against his will, must travel from his native Panama to San José in Costa Rica, to look after his ill father, with whom Tito has a very distant relationship. Cesar, who is a very tropical character, has lived his life as he pleases, burning bridges, and going from being a boxing trainer at Barraza to gym teacher in the suburbs of San José; but now he has a life threatening disease.

Tito's only wish is to go back to Panama as soon as possible to be able to participate in a Bowling Tournament, but Cesar has different plans for him. Tito is forced to drive his father back to Panama in his old but still good Lada, which becomes the next fighting ring between father and son. World premiere.