With or Without Love

Título original: Una hora más en Canarias

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DirectorDavid Serrano
Duration97 min
Format35 mm, Color


Day Hour Theatre  
April 27 7:00PM Cinemark 5  
April 29 8:30PM Cinemark 4  
With or Without Love


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Production Company
Telespan 2000
La Zona Films
Tomás Cimadevilla
Gonzalo Salazar
Andrés Calderon
Rodrigo Guerrero
Mari Angulo
Marta Pastor
Olga Iglesias
David Serrano
Photography Direction
Carlos Ferro
Nacho Ruiz Capillas
Iván Benavides
Ernesto Millán
José Ángel Sagi
Alejandro Serrano
Angie Cepeda
Quim Gutiérrez
Juana Acosta

David Serrano

Spain. Screenwriter and director. David has written the hit musicals The Other Side of the Bed (2002) and The Two Sides of a Bed (2005). His first short was The Beginner (1993), followed by Cinnamon Skin (1995) and Never Mix (2001). He also directed Soccer Days (2003), Cinema Days (2007) and With or Without Love.


This screwball musical comedy focuses on attractive 30-something sisters Mónica (Juana Acosta) and Claudia (Angie Cepeda), who can't stop competing in all aspects of life, happy marriages that are nothing but a façade, hidden affairs, betrayals and myriad lies.

The sisters join forces when Claudia is on the verge of losing her lover Pablo to a new girlfriend who happens to have very violent tendencies when it comes to defend what is hers. The plan is to take the object of Claudia's affection to an idyllic setting, Canarias, where she can better remind him of what he is missing, hopefully winning his heart back. When the battle is on, and the mothers in law show up, chaos and group dancing on the streets ensue.

The light and precise touch of director David Serrano weaves the relentless plot and musical breaks with enough irony (after all, it is about finding true love, isn't it?) to remind us of the best moments of the genre in the style of Howard Hawks, all with Latin and Spanish flavors that will surely find recognition in the audience. -Daniel Dominguez.