The Island President

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DirectorJon Shenk
CountryUnited States
LanguageDhivehi, English
Duration101 min
FormatHDCAM, Color


Día Hora Cine  
April 27 4:00PM Cinemark 4  
May 02 4:15PM Cinemark 6  
The Island President


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Production Company
Actual Films
Afterimage Public Media
Richard Berge
Bonni Cohen
Photography Direction
Jon Shenk
Pedro Kos
Stars of the Lid
Marco d'Ambrosio
Mohamed Nasheed
Aminath Shauna
Mohamed Aslam
Mark Lynas
Ahmed Naseem
Paul Roberts
Ahmed Shaheed

Jon Shenk

Documentary filmmaker and cinematographer who collaborated in the Oscar award winning documentary Smile Pinki (2008). He also received an Emmy for his work in the documentary film Blame Somebody Else, and a price at the Independent Spirit Awards for Lost Boys of Sudan. Shenk has worked for PBS, BBC, A&E, Bravo, CBS, NBC and National Geographic.


Directed by Jon Shenk, this documentary follows the president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed and his struggle to save his country, which is disappearing due to the rapid rise of the sea level. Nasheed knows that he must take on a fight against global warming.

To achieve this goal, the president embarks on the project of convincing the leaders of the world's superpowers of reducing their C02 emissions. His quest takes place during the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which took place in Copenhagen in 2009. Nasheed concentrated specially on the leaders of those countries that refuse to abide by the Kyoto Protocol. After his participation on this event, Nasheed turned into a main speaker in the flight for the environmental protection.

Radiohead contributed with 14 songs of its catalogue to help tell this story, which stresses the threat faced by the Madlvies Islands.