Habana Eva

Título original: Habana Eva

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DirectorFina Torres
CountryCuba, Venezuela, France
Duration100 min
Format35 mm, Color


Day Time Venue  
April 28 7:15PM Cinemark 3  
April 29 6:15PM Cinemark 4  
Habana EvaHabana EvaHabana EvaHabana Eva


Fina Torres (directora)
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Production Company
Villa del Cine
Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industrias Cinematográficos (ICAIC)
Fina Torres
Delfina Catala
Marco Mundarain
Camilo Vives
Fina Torres
Arturo Infante
Photography Direction
Hector Ortega
Robin Katz
Barbara Cohen
Prakriti Maduro
Yuliet Cruz
Juan Carlos García
Carlos Enrique Almirante

Fina Torres

Venezuela, 1951. Journalist, designer, photographer and director, Fina Torres completed studies at the Institut des Hautes Études Cinématographiques in France. Since her debut in 1985 with Oriana, which won Camera D'or at Cannes, she has directed Celestial Mechanics (1995), Women on Top (2000), Hope (2007) and Habana Eva, her most recent project.


This Venezuelan tragicomedy from successful director Fina Torres is a metaphor about the need to make changes in life. In this story, we meet Eva (Prakiti Maduro), who out of necessity works in an industrial serwing shop even though what she enjoys doing is putting together more creative models instead of the assembly line confection enforeced by her boss.

She is a fashion revolutionary, although the conventional dress code does not allow her to be as creative as she wants to be. And so, Eva has a dream: to make enough money for her wedding and to be able to work on ingenious designs that will make people feel good when wearing them.

Habana Eva has been one of the great surprises in film festivals throughout the United States and Latin America. It is considered to be a pleasant encounter of two worlds near to each other, both Latin American, but different in terms of how people relate to them. This film celebrates Habana and its historical and social values, as well as love and passion that break paradigms.