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DirectorAbner Benaim
CountryPanama, Colombia
Duration91 min
Format35 mm, Color


Date Time Venue  
April 27 5:00PM Cinemark 3  
May 02 4:00PM Cinemark 4  



Abner Benaim (director)
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Production Company
Apertura Films
Río negro producciones
Matthías Ehrenberg
Paula Jaramillo
Abner Benaim
Papús Von Saenger
Photography Direction
Mauricio Vidal
Alberto de Toro
Paté de Fuá
Francisco Gattorno
Rosa Isabel Lorenzo
Aida Morales
Maria Alejandra Palacios
Maria Cristina Palacios
Isabella Santo Domingo
Juan David Valdéz Lauri

Abner Benaim

 Panamá, 1971. Studied International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania and specialized later in Cinematography and Direction in Israel. He independently produced documentaries such as Good Vibes (2004) and Round Trip To Panamá (2007). His documentary series The Other Side won the New York Television Festival Best Documentary Award in 2005. His first fiction feature length, Chance (2009) was a box office success in his native Panama. He also directed the documentary Maids and Bosses (2010).


What happens when the maids of a wealthy household stand their ground against what they see as exploitation? Well, you have material for a great comedy, especially if your story takes place in Latin America, where values get pressure from the need to keep appearances and feign your status.

Director Abner Benaim keeps his approach light enough to make room for the natural flow of the characters, who navigate complex relationships and power structures that seem unchangeable but where there’s always moments of irony, relief, sarcasm and hilarity. 

Toña y Paquita (Rosa Lorenzo and Aida Morales), the two main maids of the story are thoroughly believable and deal with their frustrations, dreams and daily work in a way that clearly elicits some traits of our Latin culture.

Chance is also the name given to a popular version of lottery that banks on the hopes of the thousands who bought it.