First Time Directors

Discover Latin America's new emerging directorial voices in this program of 8 feature films from countries as diverse as Colombia, Argentina, Peru and - of course, Panama.

Ibero-American Panorama

The films from Ibero Amercia have been achieving critical and box office success around the world. This program highlights some of the most well-known directors of the region alongside up and coming future stars.

Experimental Corner

Explore some of the innovative narrative leaps that some of the most talented directors from Latin America are undertaking. Experience the nuanced pictures of light, regional sketches and homage to early cinema classics in this space dedicated to filmmakers that are pushing the boundaries of the medium.

Films from the Isthmus

The Panamanian section of IFF Panamá will show samples of interesting works that reflect an emerging cinematic movement from Panama, that yearns to be seen and heard. From iconic figures of the Panamanian popular culture to the poetry of the pristine culture of San Blas islands, these productions will show that there is an authentic local voice in this medium that is just getting started.

International Panorama

This is a chance to view some of the gems in the international film scene. Films from around the world from the most celebrated directors as well as some of the films vying for the coveted Oscar can be enjoyed right here in Panama.


Showcase: Alex de la Iglesia

Alex de la Iglesia's provocative dark comedies have given him a cult following that few directors from Iberoamerica enjoy. His films cross borders and genres, and have helped bring new audiences to the world of Spanish-language cinema. We have chosen to showcase some of de la Iglesia's oeuvre because his ability to transcend, to travel and engage across the boundaries of language embody the vision that we have for our festival.

Cinema & Sports: Boxeo

Paul Haggis, the screenplay writer of Million Dollar Baby once wrote of boxing: It's the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you. Perhaps this is why audiences are so drawn to sports films, because they move something deep within us. The Festival has chosen five films that represent these sentiments in the sport of Boxing.

Our Planet

Film, as an art form, is a powerful tool for building awareness that nearly every aspect of our lifestyle affects the environment. Filmmakers from around the World have been taking, for a number of years, strong steps towards exposing the severe ecological issues our planet is facing. This program is part of our commitment to creating platforms for these films to be shown and discussed.

Family Corner

IFFPanama provides a space for the whole family to enjoy cinema from the rest of the region and around the world. This program provides a glimpse at family life elsewhere.

Red Carpets

A chance to celebrate some of the most dazzling films, filmmakers and actors on the red carpet. Films from Spain and Latin America shine alongside the best in international film.