The Teatro Nacional, venue for the IFF Panama red carpet

26 February 2012

The International Film Festival of Panama (IFF Panama) organization has chosen the Teatro Nacional as the “red carpet venue” for this season’s most important film and cultural event, which will take place from April 26 to May 2nd of this year in Panama’s capital.
“This year, red will shine in its greatest splendor during IFF Panama, on a red carpet path that will make history in the cultural environment of the country, presenting renown directors, producers, actors, and people from the Latin American entertainment industry”, commented Pituka Ortega Heilbron, co-director of the film festival.

The Panamanian National Culture Institute (INAC), as sponsor of the International Film Festival of Panama, and three other cultural organizations which were planning events for these dates, have ceded their space so that festival’s red carpet in Panama may shine with artists and people from the entertainment world.
The trends, the dresses, and the celebrity appearances are the characteristic note of these glamorous events.  As they parade on the red carpet, they will be making the importance of the Latin American film perspective evident to all the markets in the world.
“For one week, Panama will be culture’s international center of attention.  In IFF Panama, the magic of movies, music, beauty, and of the many surprises planned during the gala events which will take place to celebrate the festival will not be missing”, added Henk Van Der Kolk, director of the International Film Festival of Panama.

From its inauguration on October 1, 1908, which also coincided with Don José Domingo de Obaldía’s taking office as President of Panama, up to modern days, the Teatro Nacional has been identified as the top cultural and scenic arts icon in Panama.
The Teatro Nacional will be fitted to project with quality the most important films of the festival.  It will have the capacity to accommodate over 500 people during IFF Panama, throughout its amphitheatre, seats in the orchestra, and gallery.  Furthermore, it has two stories of balconies, a foyer, a terrace, and bar all within an artistic space characterized by the architectural design of an Italian style operetta theatre.

Special guests, both national and international, will have the opportunity to interact with the public and the mass media participating in IFF Panama, an encounter which will position the country as a tourism destination and cultural attraction, adds Van Der Kolk.

About IFF Panama

The International Film Festival of Panama (IFF Panama) is a world-class cultural and cinematic encounter which will take place in Panama City from April 26 to May 2nd of 2012.  IFF Panama’s mission is to build a connecting bridge between its people and the best film proposals of the moment, and it has the support from the National Government through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Film Commission, the National Institute of Culture and the Tourism Authority of Panama.

IFF Panama, created by Henk Van Der Kolk and T. Rob Brown, has the objective to broadcast the best of international films in Panama, helping in this way to promote culture in the country, encourage the development of local industry, establish the festival as a tourism destination, and incite film education.