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Forbes Magazine recommends traveling to Panama

In January 2012, the New York Times named Panama as the number one place to visit this year.  Now, the distinguished magazine Forbes also recommends Panama as a luxury destination and suggests hotels, restaurants, the soon to open Ghery Museum, the Old Neighborhood (Casco Viejo), and even wine libraries.  As the International Film Festival, we are proud to incorporate the best of films in such an attractive setting.

Launch Party, March 8th at National Theater

Con un listado de 35 filmes confirmados, el anuncio de seis secciones con la proyección de películas latinoamericanas, internacionales de habla no inglesa y panameñas, un Premio del Público, la presencia de actores, productores, directores y profesionales de la industria del cine de 26 nacionalidades y siete Galas con alfombra roja en el Teatro Nacional de Panamá, se llevó a cabo el lanzamiento oficial del Festival de Cine Internacional de Panamá (IFF Panamá), evento que se desarrollará del 26 de abril al 2 de mayo próxim

The International Film Festival of Panama reveals films to be presented during the festival

Panama, January 24, 2012 – The International Film Festival of Panama (IFF Panama) has revealed some of the movies that will be presented to Panamanian and foreign spectators in Panama from April 26th to May 2nd of this year. Many Brazilian, Cuban, Peruvian, Portuguese and Argentinean movies that have passed through the world’s most prestigious festivals including Cannes, Toronto, Sundance and San Sebastian will be part of the line-up offered by IFF Panama to fans of the seventh art.

Panama, ¿cinema hub?

This small country wants to be in the center of it all and now it is cinema's turn. Yesterday, the Minister of Commerce and Industries (MICI), Mr. Ricardo Quijano, presented the first International Film Festival of Panama, with an investment of approximately one million 300 thousand dollars, said the government official.

Panama: #1 travel destination in 2012

It’s been 12 years since Panama regained control of its canal, and the country’s economy is booming. Cranes stalk the skyline of the capital, Panama City, where high-rises sprout one after the next and immigrants arrive daily from around the world. Among those who have landed en masse in recent years are American expatriates and investors, who have banked on Panamanian real estate by building hotels and buying retirement homes.

MICI sponsors the International Film Festival

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries signed the sponsorship agreement with IFF Panama, Inc. for the execution of the International Film Festival of Panama with a contribution of a total of USD$ 1,107,089.47.

According to the Minister of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Ricardo Quijano, many celebrities from the cinema scope and filmmakers from all over the world will be present on this occasion, where Panamanian artists and filmmakers will have the opportunity to become known worldwide.

What to enjoy in 2012

New year, new challenges and a new agenda of activities. 2012 already has a series of events and shows that are gaining prominence as the date of the event approaches.
The calendar begins with music taking the leading role in the ninth Panama Jazz Festival, from January 16th to 21st in different parts of the city such as in the City of Knowledge, the Anayansi Theatre, the National Theatre, El Panama Hotel and the Cathedral Square in the Old Town. Check for more details on

The film festival seeks a spot in Panama

Creating a film festival is not easy. This is because few countries have the ideal conditions for hosting an event that calls the attention of a competitive industry such as the film industry.

But there is no doubt that Panama, through the development of a hotel infrastructure and the Hub of the Americas operated by Copa Airlines at the Tocumen airport, gathers the ideal conditions to attract all the great artists from the big screen and bring them together in its capital once a year at the International Film Festival of Panama (IFFP).